Sunday, October 4, 2009

happy weekend ^^

long time din uodate my blog ler
paise nia hahaxxx
bz with my trial exam lately...
finally its over ler thx god XD
bt the result lolx totally different frm wat i expected ler
bt ok lar if u relly ask my opinion frm my deepest heart =P
i spend sat day with her hehexx ^^ afterall she came bek quite long ler
finally cz we both seem cant pick the rite time XD
ytd morning jiu go fetch her ler hahaxx...dunno where is her new hse
cant find it lor @@ cz she giv me wrong direction hahaxx
after tat hav to ask her dad pula
luckily in the end i found it hahaxxx
thn we both go to gurney there n watch where gt ghost movie
quite gud ler the movie n alot of comedy scene
later we walk around ler n bought her high heel shoes,her favourite as her bday present
relly spend alot of $$ with her hehexx bt its worth cz her smile is relly pretty XD
send her on 5pm+++ ler..
decide to ask her out tis week again cz she will bek to sgpore on 12th oct
plan to skip tis fri skol jus to go out hahaxxx
cham cham ler getting laziier everyday XD
save me plzzzzz cz stpm so near ler XD

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Confusing things for me >.<

2day skip skol again hahaxx
early jiu wan plan once thurs cz tat day gt ntg to do also
jus cant find suitable reason nia hehexx
nw gt gud reason ler tats fever XD
hmmmmm my cousin bought me ipod touch frm sgpore as my bday present ^^
quite syok pun the sad things cum liao
the trial exam eh timetable cum out lor fast wan hav my trial ler nw relly wan die XD
ytd nite whn i wan slip i tink of smtg ler
do i still lk her or nt???tis ques relly bother about me
1st i relly tot its doesnt matter bt nw i relly nt sure confusing ler XD cz my frens all tink tat i still lk her lor fan nia dunno how to solve it also grrrrrrrrrr
sumtime i feel tay myself so wuliao nia tink of her =.=
she dun lk me also ma i guess
muz focus on trial exam ler!!! >.<

Friday, July 24, 2009

A tiring weekend

its been long time i havent update my blog XD
i 4gt how long ler hahaxxxx
i jus watched transformers movie hahaxx with my frens 2 weeks ago lor
alot of ppl wan watch tis movie durin tat time
luckily i gt booked tic wakakaxxx =p
nice movie one doubt about it i relly enjoy watching it
optimus prime so yeng one hahaxx compared to 1st movie
hmmmmm 2mr wan go watch harry potter lolx
tis week lk din touch tiok any books one
aikzz hav to study left 47 days to trial!!!!!!!!!!
omg!!!!!!!!!!! i hav so short time n alot to read
sumore i jus freakly bothered by sum stupid ques tat i cant answer to myself
well who least sum prob i no nid to tink
hopefully i can survive my trial exam lar hehexx ^^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A tired week

wat a tired week for me
1st hav to deal with my result
awwww....i relly relly abit down with my result lor
bt still ok lar if compared to wats in my mind durin holiday
i tot im gonna failed my math ka cham cham
bt the marks out of my pretty ok with it lar
gt few improvements for other subjects
bt ah phuah say my pa drop alot ==
hello????wat do u expect frm me???
hav study 23 bab n finish paper 2 in 3 hrs
man tats relly tough cz the graph part waste alot of times!!!!!!! ==
well watever lar..past is past
lets pray tat i manage to finish it in trial n also stpm XD far so gud lar tis week
ntg bad things happen to me also hahaxxx ^^
i relly miss her alot in tis week although we only chat once in tis week
bt tats shuld enuf for me ^^
i still feel lazii for start study again lolx..
dunno why hopefully next week i can return to normal lar
cz the trial exam cuming soon omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes!!!finally the transformers gonna show
im waiting so long for it hehexx ^^
plan to watch it next sat after skol..if next sat gt skol reopen

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sad day X_____________X

2day i sms with her..
i tot we can arrange our date or watever lar
in the end she told me tat she goin bek to sgpore tis wed
i was shocked whn i saw her sms aikzzzzzz
why she hv to rush bek?????i jus dun get it
i tot we can spend time finally after 2 months cz 2 motnths is definitely tortune for me
nw it seem lk i hv to wait 3 or 4 months again
tis is nt the news i wan hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
act i relly envy most of my frens alot alot alot even though i din tell them
they can spend time with their gf whnever they wan
jus great time for them...
wat about me????hav to wait about 3 or 4 months thn only can meet her
great rite???each time she cum bek we jus hang out for 1 or 2 times
tis is too short for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dun wan tis kind of things!!!!!!!!!!!!
i jus wan spend more time with her tats all
well...watever lar who cares about it
she wont read about it anyway....
2day totally no mood sumore feel headache nw!!!!!
great time for u to cum huh...headache ==

Friday, June 5, 2009

My holiday XD

quite bz one for tis 1st week of holiday
hav alot of ttn one bt feel lazii lor
hehexxxx...mayb cz in holiday mood so dun feel lk going
aikzz tis tues relly sui one ler
involved in car accident =.=
hv to pay ppl for ganti rugi one >.<
nvm nvm lar......the most important im ok n nobody hurt ^^
anyway bcoz of the ganti rugi nw cant buy her handbag she wan XD
hav to wait next time lar..luckily she so understand me ^^
she cumin bek tis sun hehexxxx...
so excited one miss her alot ler..
its lk long time din c her ler hehexxx =P
tis time muz spend time with her
watch nite at the museum 2 with her ^^
ok lar stop at here lar cz i relly dunno wat to write ler XD

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Exam Exam Exam ==

1st day d exam..
end up badly aikzzzzz
i tot i can finish all the bahagian one bt
in the end cz of the graph part waste alot of my time T_____________T
dunno tis time can pass my pa ma
next mon is math huiyoooooooo
another subject i damn hate it so much
for honestly i din touch tiok so nw i prayin so tat i can pass hehexx =P
physic muz pass no matter wat cz i gt work hard for it
tis is wat i plzzzz the papaer easy abit ^^
hopefully i can survive tis week d exam lar
after tat i can relax ler yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
holiday mean i can meet her again durin june ^^
gonna watch movie n buy her bday present ^^