Sunday, October 4, 2009

happy weekend ^^

long time din uodate my blog ler
paise nia hahaxxx
bz with my trial exam lately...
finally its over ler thx god XD
bt the result lolx totally different frm wat i expected ler
bt ok lar if u relly ask my opinion frm my deepest heart =P
i spend sat day with her hehexx ^^ afterall she came bek quite long ler
finally cz we both seem cant pick the rite time XD
ytd morning jiu go fetch her ler hahaxx...dunno where is her new hse
cant find it lor @@ cz she giv me wrong direction hahaxx
after tat hav to ask her dad pula
luckily in the end i found it hahaxxx
thn we both go to gurney there n watch where gt ghost movie
quite gud ler the movie n alot of comedy scene
later we walk around ler n bought her high heel shoes,her favourite as her bday present
relly spend alot of $$ with her hehexx bt its worth cz her smile is relly pretty XD
send her on 5pm+++ ler..
decide to ask her out tis week again cz she will bek to sgpore on 12th oct
plan to skip tis fri skol jus to go out hahaxxx
cham cham ler getting laziier everyday XD
save me plzzzzz cz stpm so near ler XD

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