Thursday, August 6, 2009

Confusing things for me >.<

2day skip skol again hahaxx
early jiu wan plan once thurs cz tat day gt ntg to do also
jus cant find suitable reason nia hehexx
nw gt gud reason ler tats fever XD
hmmmmm my cousin bought me ipod touch frm sgpore as my bday present ^^
quite syok pun the sad things cum liao
the trial exam eh timetable cum out lor fast wan hav my trial ler nw relly wan die XD
ytd nite whn i wan slip i tink of smtg ler
do i still lk her or nt???tis ques relly bother about me
1st i relly tot its doesnt matter bt nw i relly nt sure confusing ler XD cz my frens all tink tat i still lk her lor fan nia dunno how to solve it also grrrrrrrrrr
sumtime i feel tay myself so wuliao nia tink of her =.=
she dun lk me also ma i guess
muz focus on trial exam ler!!! >.<

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