Friday, July 24, 2009

A tiring weekend

its been long time i havent update my blog XD
i 4gt how long ler hahaxxxx
i jus watched transformers movie hahaxx with my frens 2 weeks ago lor
alot of ppl wan watch tis movie durin tat time
luckily i gt booked tic wakakaxxx =p
nice movie one doubt about it i relly enjoy watching it
optimus prime so yeng one hahaxx compared to 1st movie
hmmmmm 2mr wan go watch harry potter lolx
tis week lk din touch tiok any books one
aikzz hav to study left 47 days to trial!!!!!!!!!!
omg!!!!!!!!!!! i hav so short time n alot to read
sumore i jus freakly bothered by sum stupid ques tat i cant answer to myself
well who least sum prob i no nid to tink
hopefully i can survive my trial exam lar hehexx ^^

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