Saturday, June 20, 2009

A tired week

wat a tired week for me
1st hav to deal with my result
awwww....i relly relly abit down with my result lor
bt still ok lar if compared to wats in my mind durin holiday
i tot im gonna failed my math ka cham cham
bt the marks out of my pretty ok with it lar
gt few improvements for other subjects
bt ah phuah say my pa drop alot ==
hello????wat do u expect frm me???
hav study 23 bab n finish paper 2 in 3 hrs
man tats relly tough cz the graph part waste alot of times!!!!!!! ==
well watever lar..past is past
lets pray tat i manage to finish it in trial n also stpm XD far so gud lar tis week
ntg bad things happen to me also hahaxxx ^^
i relly miss her alot in tis week although we only chat once in tis week
bt tats shuld enuf for me ^^
i still feel lazii for start study again lolx..
dunno why hopefully next week i can return to normal lar
cz the trial exam cuming soon omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes!!!finally the transformers gonna show
im waiting so long for it hehexx ^^
plan to watch it next sat after skol..if next sat gt skol reopen

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