Friday, June 5, 2009

My holiday XD

quite bz one for tis 1st week of holiday
hav alot of ttn one bt feel lazii lor
hehexxxx...mayb cz in holiday mood so dun feel lk going
aikzz tis tues relly sui one ler
involved in car accident =.=
hv to pay ppl for ganti rugi one >.<
nvm nvm lar......the most important im ok n nobody hurt ^^
anyway bcoz of the ganti rugi nw cant buy her handbag she wan XD
hav to wait next time lar..luckily she so understand me ^^
she cumin bek tis sun hehexxxx...
so excited one miss her alot ler..
its lk long time din c her ler hehexxx =P
tis time muz spend time with her
watch nite at the museum 2 with her ^^
ok lar stop at here lar cz i relly dunno wat to write ler XD

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