Saturday, May 23, 2009

Exam Exam Exam ==

1st day d exam..
end up badly aikzzzzz
i tot i can finish all the bahagian one bt
in the end cz of the graph part waste alot of my time T_____________T
dunno tis time can pass my pa ma
next mon is math huiyoooooooo
another subject i damn hate it so much
for honestly i din touch tiok so nw i prayin so tat i can pass hehexx =P
physic muz pass no matter wat cz i gt work hard for it
tis is wat i plzzzz the papaer easy abit ^^
hopefully i can survive tis week d exam lar
after tat i can relax ler yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
holiday mean i can meet her again durin june ^^
gonna watch movie n buy her bday present ^^

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