Friday, May 8, 2009

damn boring day ==

long time din update my blog liao XD
act i also dunno write wat also ZzzZZ
2day is chung ling d sports day
lazii go so stay at home n rest lor hehexx =P
puntei gt alot of ppl dun wan go.............==
manacai suddenly they all wan go so left me alone nia aikzzzz
2day slip whole afternoon lor wtf!!!
wan study one bt slip pulak
aikzzz din do anything at all ZzzZZZz
wan go watch x-men d movie bt dunno ask who go v me
sien sien sien sien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
exam left about 2 weeks nia
still hav alot of things to study!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gona revise chem again XD 4gt jor liao lolzzzzz
i stop at here....
mayb temporary wont update XD


  1. haha...
    u naugthy.. ponteng..
    i tell ur teacher.. XD