Saturday, April 25, 2009

Muet exam ZzzZZ

ytd exam for muet one...
one word to describe nia---------die!!!!X__________X
waste rm60 for ntg lor!!!!!!!!!!!
hock beng lar kanasai ler...ask me go retake ==
the listenin part is too fast liao....
writing part...dunno wat im writing about lor
the best thing i can tink of is i wont die so cham
at least better thn last time lar =P
the best part after tis.......
no nid to c umbrella c face anymore kakaxxx
i wait tis to happen for long long long time liao hahaxx
anyway mid-term exam comin soon liao
n i still havent reach half way yet aikzzzz
muz gambateh in study liao >.<
so mayb less on9 n update my blog lor =P

1 comment:

  1. eh dun luan luan blame lo !!
    I suggest u retake bo force u !