Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dam bad day ==

2day can described by one word only
2day exam muet paper...
damn it paper 3 dunno gt how many wrongs
dun wan tink about it lor X________________X
plzzzz blessssssssss me lor
paper 4 ok ok nia lar...can write bt dunno wat essay i write
hmmmm thn after tat go duty lor
suiiiiii again!!!!!!!!!kena perli by frens
grrrrrrrrrrr everyday also kena one..
their mouth wont feel so tired meh?????=.=
sumore i keep quiet thn ko say me small gas
lazii argue with them nia ZZzZZzzZ
thn i saw smtg tat suppose gt ntg to do with me bt still get bothered XD
relly kaypo nia me....suak lar dun wan cai tat thing again hahaxxxx
after bek home..my mum angry cz of my sis thn start blah to me again
walao...ok ok lar i understand mia lar
i try lor n she owix complain complain my sis's fault to me..
im vry sien mia bt still hav to listen lor ==
hopefully tis sui day passss fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. haha
    u go and sleep
    then after u wake up
    everything will be fine =D

  2. thx thx lar hahaxx
    srry for late reply u lor
    lazii update my blog XD