Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy day hahaxx =P

2day go to skol ler...
at 1st feel vry boring mia
bt my fren he 4gt to bring his skol bag to skol
lolx 1st time in my skol life i heard tiok ppl 4gt bring skol bag
so funny nia the way he told us XD
for me he gt bring or din bring also same nia =P
cz he owix slip in class
(hopefully he din saw it lar XD)
after skol jiu go gurney ler hehexx ^^
meet with her n do our usual activity tat is dating XD i tink so
watch love matter lor..quite old movie one lor bt still vry nice
hmmm..suddenly she asked me gt buy couple seat ma XD
i was shocked lor cz i tot she was jk with me
cz ytd nite i joke with her ma hahaxx
is she relly serious about it??i also dunno..
u guys tell me lar hahaxxxx XD
after watch movie we go walk around gurney thn fetch her bek to her hse
quite early lor about 6pm aikzz cz she hav to go grandma hse lor
hopefully we can go out on sat thn can spend whole day lolx
i also feel tat she gt feeling towards me bt dunno my feelin can be trusted ma ==

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