Friday, March 20, 2009

B4 holiday over T______T

tis one week of holiday...
i dunno wat im doing lor aikzzzz
everyday wake up jiu si study plus do revision...
its vry boring lor...dunno wats my fren doing there
they muz be enjoy their holiday nt lk me...
i feel myself so kelian nia..
plus she go to kl shopping only bek on thurs
thn tot can go out with her 2day bt her hse nid to repaint n she nid to jaga rumah
2mr she has secondary gatherin aikzzz
hav to wait next week.......
hopefully next week can go out with her ^^
wan go watch hotel for dogs with her mayb can try her reaction whn i do smtg tat will surprise her hehexxx ^^
finally i made up my mind...nt gonna confused again
i choose the person tat i relly luv the most
i wont regret tat choice the moment i saw her n even in the end she hurt me(hopefully tis wont happen XD)
holiday wan over ler..means i hav to face my exam result
totally no eye c liao cz its relly relly bad bad bad result!!!!!!
no matter still hav to face it aikzzz..
wish me luck thn my frens ^^

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