Friday, March 13, 2009

Happi day ^^

2day finally exam finish liao
hahaxx after 3 days of non stop study
hmmm bt nw fall sick liao aikzzzz
dunno why gona recover ler T_______T
after go bek home liao..
thn jiu go out with sumone ler hehexx
we go watch race to witch moutain ^^
nice movie to watch ler
i relly miss her alot ler bt duno she gt ma X________X
she grow prettier thn b4 ^^
i giv her valentine prsent i own her XD
luckily she lk wat i choose
thn i also receive gift frm her...
bt dunno wat to do with the perfume ler ==
after tat she gt say smtg to me bt i din listen clearly aikzzz
2mr she goin to kl to shopping T____T
bek on wed lor..thn thurs gona go out with her again hehexx ^^
relly anticipate tat day arrival

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