Tuesday, March 10, 2009

B4 exam day XD

2day tot dun wan go skol d
cz sumone say dun wan go skol lor so feel moodless
bt still go also aikzzz...dunno why
go there plan wan study d
manacai beh tahan my frens keep playing games in front n also bside me lolx
cant resist thn play with them also hahaxxx
tis time eh exam only 10% nia
ai zai lar!!!!!din scare of it
fail ma fail lor kakaxxx =p
quite sui lor
4gt to ask bek my note frm my frens
so cum bek home dunno do wat except on9
2nite muz study liao no matter wat happen
bt dunno can study ma hahaxxx
2mr hopefully sumone will ask me fetch to skol lar

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