Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whn i can meet her?????=[

2mr she gonna bek to sgpore to continue her study
tis 2 month times seem lk pass vry fast
we only go out 3 times nia due to my bz schedule
hate my timetable alot!!!!!!>.<
she taking 115 flight 2mr lor...cant see her for the last time
well hopefully she will bek on june lar ^&^
thn we can go eat sushi king cz i owe her d XD
2day wan ask her go eat d bt she hav to go to bank so nvm lar
at least jus nw i gt talk to her thru fon so guess wont miss her so badly XD
still gonna miss her alot ler
her voice definitely gona help me pass these weeks b4 she cum bek ^^
2mr b4 she go bek muz send her the last msg hehexxx =P
ok lar 2day write till here ler cz dunno wan write wat liao
c u guys 2mr hehexx ^^

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