Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do i hav enuf time????

next fri start exam liao
1st day jiu p.a. d paper 2
walao nid to write 2 essay n draw graph
ytd ah phuah call one by one n say the mistakes
so scare i make those mistakes nia
so i muz pray wont make those hahaxxxx
shit!!!!!i 4gt whn is the physic test
i only noe it next week bt dunno whn nia zZZzZ
tis time eh exam cant say dun hv confident at all
noe why?????=p
cz totally din prepare enud lor jus luan luan study
sumore gt do bet with frens ko ZZzZ
luckily tis time is them who will treat me eat muahahahahaxxxx
i will wait for them mia bleksssssssss
no matter wat happen tis weekend muz finish study for physic eh test n also my chem!!!!!!!
god plz bless me pass my mid-term
i relly relly relly relly gt study one jus tat........
u noe i noe n nobody else noe hehexxx =p

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